Our Approach

10 steps to a successful Odoo ERP Implementation

Embarking on an Odoo implementation is an exciting opportunity for businesses. While the scale of the project can seem challenging, our approach is a well-crafted process designed to ensure a seamless transition and optimal alignment with your business goals. 

We're here to empower your organisation and help you embrace the transformative potential of Odoo with confidence and enthusiasm. 

Our 10-step approach  

1 | Initial needs analysis

In our one- to two-hour consultation, we delve into your business, exploring your objectives and gauging the alignment of our services with your goals.

2 | Comprehensive requirements gathering

Our workshops bring together business owners, leaders, and team members from all departments to comprehensively understand your challenges and expectations.

3 | Crafting your solution

Based on your requirements, we deliver a high-level proposal of your solution, usually accompanied by a meeting with key project stakeholders.

4 | Project blueprinting

Upon your approval of the proposal (sometimes after a few amendments), and in ongoing consultation with you, we will scope your project and draft a project plan.

5 | Turning plans into reality

Once you approve the project plan, we’ll start shaping the foundation of your solution and run your users through acceptance testing. This phase ensures that processes are streamlined, feedback is gathered, and any bugs or issues are documented for refinement.

6 | Data migration

Post-refinement, we’ll work together to cleanse, transform, and format your data for seamless integration into Odoo.

7 | Flexible training approach

Many clients choose for their in-house project teams to deliver training to end-users, fostering a deeper understanding and cost efficiency. Alternatively, we can take care of all your training needs if that better suits your preferences. 

8 | Launch 

The day has come to embrace Odoo's full potential. We provide on-site assistance and immediate support for a smooth transition into enhanced efficiency and productivity. 

9 | Empowered support 

As we conclude the implementation, we equip your internal team with skills for first-line support, while remaining only a phone call or Odoo Helpdesk ticket away whenever you need our assistance.

10 | Strategic review

In a dynamic tech landscape, we ensure your solutions evolve alongside your ambitions. Our periodic reviews (quoted separately to your implementation project) keep you at the forefront, aligned with your strategic goals.

Scaling ERP systems

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the needs of your clients might be outgrowing what online accounting applications like Xero, Sage, or QuickBooks can offer.

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