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Who is Timepeace?

Timepeace Advisors Limited was founded by Kylie Grant, driven by her passion for assisting businesses in navigating the challenges of digital transformation. 

Kylie's career began in the Australian military industry in 1994, where she held various roles, including a position in a regulatory team overseeing maintenance on F-111 aircraft. The experience she gained in process development and compliance auditing in this highly regulated sector laid a strong foundation for her future endeavours.

In 2006, Kylie made a pivotal shift, transferring her business analysis skills to the accounting industry. Her journey led her to firms such as HLB Mann Judd in Sydney and Menzies LLP in the UK, where she was responsible for digital strategies and the hands-on implementation of systems projects.

In 2011, Kylie embraced an opportunity to spend a year in Malta implementing various systems for Deloitte, before eventually settling in the UK where she served as a senior consultant at Symphony APS for the next six years, working with numerous accounting firms throughout the UK and Europe. Kylie’s focus during this time was on implementing Practice Management, CRM, Workflow, Business Intelligence reporting, and Business Process Automation solutions, further enhancing her expertise.

Kylie's academic achievements include an MBA from Griffith University and a Diploma in Project Management from The University of New England. 

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Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid learner and thrive on personal challenges. My passion for pushing my personal boundaries has led me to undertake feats that I once would not have imagined I could attain.  These experiences have not only tested my endurance but also instilled in me a determination that carries over into my professional work, where I strive for innovative solutions and constant improvement. 

My main passion in my personal life is cycling, and I hold qualifications as a road and mountain bike coach accredited by British Cycling.  The principles of coaching, which involve understanding a rider’s limitations and finding effective strategies to foster their development while safeguarding their well-being, closely align with my approach to business.  My dedication to helping others succeed is a core tenet that guides my approach to assisting businesses in their digital transformation endeavours.

Kylie Grant • Founder of Timepeace

What drives us?



We look at the bigger picture to ensure alignment with related projects as well as our clients’ broader objectives.


We cultivate genuine relationships with our clients. We value openness and sincerity, and embrace opportunities to both question and be questioned, as we work together to explore new horizons.


Our goal is to enrich your business at every step. We are committed to providing solutions that we genuinely believe are right for you. 


We help you put in place the systems and processes that make it easy and enjoyable for your staff to deliver exceptional service to your clients.


We understand that change is challenging. We place a high importance on helping you and your team through the transition to improved working practices, and we’ll continue to support you throughout our ongoing relationship.

Why talk to Timepeace? 

Business owners and managers often contend with a multitude of responsibilities and may lack the time, expertise, inclination, or bandwidth to excel in every aspect required for their business's success. This can result in challenges, especially when embarking on a formidable project such as an Odoo implementation. 

Our expertise in Odoo allows us to guide you through the complexities of the platform, offering a more direct route to enhanced operational efficiency. With our support, you can direct your energy toward business growth and leave the intricacies to us.

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Do any of these questions resonate with you?

Do you recognise that your processes could be more efficient but don’t know where to start to improve them?

Are you overwhelmed by too many choices of which applications to run your business on? 

Do you fear investing time and money into implementing new business solutions only to find that they have critical deficiencies that haven’t been identified during the sales process? 

Do you have difficulty articulating what you need to ensure that any new software you implement fulfils the varying requirements of different functions within your business? 

>  Are you unsure how to integrate the systems in your business to introduce or improve automation and eliminate errors and inefficiency? 

Are your staff frustrated with your systems and processes but they don’t have the time or expertise to improve them themselves? 

>  Could your systems and processes be costing you good staff and valuable customers? 

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